Retirement Planning

Everyone wants a carefree and relaxed retirement and a number of people buy pension plans thinking that their pension plan will take care of all their future financial needs when they will not be working anymore. Such people find themselves in a tight spot when the realize their pension is not sufficient to take care of the financial needs. Retirement planning needs to be done very carefully as when you plan your retirement you need to consider a number of factors like expected age, your current life style standard, rate of inflation, future medical expenses etc.

Retirement Planning services are compulsory to ensure a similar post retirement life if not a better one. A detailed Retirement Plan is the need of the hour for the following major reasons:

  • The age old traditional methods of savings are no more sufficient for those retiring anytime in future.
  • The economies are turbulent and the cost of living is on a constant rise.
  • Increasing Life expectancy rate requires a retirement plan for minimum 30 years
  • Lack of social security systems in India
  • Missing pension schemes

How to begin your Retirement Planning?

The following are the basic six steps of retirement planning:

  1. Label the life-stage responsibilities and financial goals. Analyze the corpus you would require to achieve your financial goals.
  2. Assess your current cash inflow, emergency funds to its continuity on the basis of its current asset allocation in your portfolio.
  3. Scan your investor profile, risk appetite.
  4. Review your asset allocation, need to diversify the risk and other areas that need attention.
  5. Sit with your Financial Advisor and review the investment allocation and alternatives as per your life stage.
  6. Follow periodic monitoring or re-balancing of the portfolio as necessary.

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